• Lingua Habit Official versus Plain Language Guide As. Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary AlternativesLingua Habit Official versus Plain Language Guide As. Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary Alternatives

    eBook: Plain English Guide (As)

    Using everyday words is an important first step towards clear writing and expression.

    Our A-Z Writing guides give hundreds of plain English alternatives to the official-sounding words and phrases that tend to overcomplicate our writing.

    This beautifully designed guide covers the As, with about 60 samples sentences, as well as instructions and exercises.

    • Accentuate, or stress?
    • Accomplish, or do?
    • Acquaint yourself with, or find out?

    On its own the guide won’t teach everything about writing in plain English but it is a starting point, a reference when you are writing essays or emails to friends, colleagues or clients.

  • Zoom for education

    Lingua Habit Group Sessions


    Benefits of joining the Lingua Habit group sessions


    • 4 x 90-minute online English sessions per month
    • 1 x 90-minute online English sessions per week
    • Actual cost per hour, 9.99€
    • Maximum of 6 adult learners per group
    • Fixed groups – learn together with familiar faces
    • Fixed times (e.g. Mondays at 17:00 PM)
    • Fixed teacherno more changing teachers every few weeks

    How it works


    • Learners sign up for monthly subscription
    • There is an initial level test – Listening/Writing/Speaking/Reading
    • Online English Sessions are via Zoom
    • You can choose the fixed group and time and we will add you to the recurring events.
    • Sessions are 90 minutes long and include open discussion, vocabulary building, grammar focus and exposure to authentic content from Day 1



    • All groups have their own Google Drive folder to access, view, comment on and edit the presentations and documents.
    • All learners can suggest and vote on content for future classes
    • Class Notes and homework ideas via email after every single class



    • All teacher have at least 5 years experience in schools, academies and in-company classes.
    • Teachers follow our methodology of using authentic content and facilitating dynamic, collaborative sessions
    • All teachers are qualified to teach English (they are not simply “natives”)