Make Fluency your Daily HabitSolo hazlo diario y crearas un hábito!

10X your English discussing engaging content
Make connections with learners worldwide

10X tu inglés al hablar de contenidos auténticos
Conectando con estudiantes de todo el mundo

Group Discussion
APP with Modules for all levels
Prepare in advance
A2-C2, faster

Content you will love to talk about, daily

Fluency comes from reading and discussing only the most engaging content. Our team curate the best topics for your 1-2-1 and group online lessons.

How we help you reach conversational fluency faster

The right material + group discussion + live feedback + a flexible timetable

Why join?


Dedicated Teachers

We only work with energetic, CELTA qualified, native and bilingual former language school teachers, trained by Lingua Habit to teach online using our digital curriculum and tools


Lingua Habit APP

You have access to our Android and iOS APP with courses and modules for all levels and skills, to study wherever and whenever you want.


Focus on Spoken Fluency

The students and authentic, engaging content are the focus of the lessons - not grammar lectures or text-books. Everyone has the opportunity to speak and share their opinions

Lingua Habit vs tutoring platforms

Lingua Habit is an online language academy run by a team of former academy teachers.

Other platforms connect you to native/bilingual tutors for 1:1 casual conversation practice. There are no levels tests or courses to follow.

We provide a dedicated education team, fixed timetables, scheduled group lessons, materials bank and feedback after every class.

Engaging Daily Lessons

Conversation and discussion topics content you will love to talk about.
We find new topics every week. You won't be bored.

09:00 amLocal ElectionsSimple TensesII/IIIREAD/SPEAK
11:00 amChoosing the right MBAModals (Suggestion)IIIREAD/SPEAK
13:00 pmAI vs ML vs Big DataComparativesII/IIILISTEN/SPEAK
15:00 pmOutdoor Activities - HikingNarrativesI/IILISTEN/SPEAK
17:00 pmHabits of Effective PeopleActive vs PassiveII/IIIREAD/SPEAK

Levels explained. We do not follow the strict CEFR levels of A1, A2, B1 B2, C1, C2. These levels are used to segregate students into a fixed curriculum with expensive coursebooks and extend the course over months, or even years.

LEVEL I: (high) A2 - (low) B1




A B2 student is encouraged to try lessons in the levels II and III range.

A standard language school "level test" is the same 30 grammar and vocabulary questions for every student.

We prepare individual questions to fit your job and interests.


Lingua Habit members can download our APP with content for General English, Business English, IELTS and TOEFL test practice.

Short modules and lessons to study anywhere - on the bus, waiting for a friend.

Build all four skills - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking - via the app then to the online group lessons to improve your conversational fluency.

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  1. LANGUAGE COACHING - WE start with a detailed interview where we will discuss your current level, goals, interests and learning style and explain our teaching method.
  2. TRY IT FOR 2 DAYS - ONCE we have your English level you can select the best time to attend two one-hour group lessons. We send you material - articles or videos - and a task to prepare in advance. There are never more than 6 students per lesson.
  3. ENGLISH APP - DOWNLOAD our APP with interactive content for all levels and skills - READING, LISTENING, WRITING, GRAMMAR, SPEAKING.
  4. NO SURPRISES - RESERVE your lessons in advance. Every week we publish a new lesson calendar including - time, grammar focus, discussion topic and material to prepare.
  5. LIVE FEEDBACK - NEARLY immediately after the lesson students receive a summary - comments from the teacher on new vocabulary, typical errors and areas of improvement, as well as a task to complete.

LIVE Feedback

    We email you detailed feedback after every lesson - covering common errors, new vocabulary, areas of grammar and pronunciation to work on, and extra tips.




New Vocabulary

Common Errors




One simple price

No matriculation fees.
No materials costs.
Up to 4 lesson per week!
Up to 16 lessons per month!
English APP to study when and where you want

€89 per month
stay as long as you like


Private 1:1

We also offer 30, 60 and 90 minute 1:1 classes with your own native, qualified tutor.

Ideal for job interview practice, English exam preparation or more intensive grammar explanation.


Simply leave your details and we will call you to set up an interview

Contact us via Whatsapp

I have more questions

We focus on Conversational Fluency, using engaging content from multiple sources - news, podcasts, video series, science and business articles.

Every lesson is pre-planned to include a discussion topic and grammar focus, with material to download and study alone before the lesson. 

Students have access to a grammar bank with presentations and exercises and are encouraged to revise the points before they attend each lesson. We then focus on conversation using that grammar point exclusively with opportunity for correction from our teachers during the class.

Where, outside of a language school, can you decide to speak only to students with the same language level? All of our team are former classroom teachers. One of our first decisions was to mix the levels to reflect real world discussions.

Slightly lower levels benefit from speaking to higher level students and higher levels benefit from teaching what they already know. The teacher is more a facilitator, ready to explain a point when the students need help.

Students check the daily lesson calendar and decide when to come and what to talk about, and also agree to study the material in advance, for both their benefit and the benefit of the group.

We limit lessons to 6 students - this does NOT mean Speaking time is limited (60 minutes ÷ 6=10 mins speaking time per student) because we use BREAKOUT ROOMS!

Breakout Rooms? - after the lesson introduction and general opening questions the teacher divides students into 2-3 smaller conference rooms

Each group of 2-3 students work on a specific language task for 5-15 minutes with the teacher and teaching assistant rotating between the rooms, helping and suggesting ideas.

Once the tasks are completed, students come back to the main room to share their conclusions.

WE OFFER A 2 DAY TRIAL to see this in action.

All interested students have an individual interview and on-boarding where we explain the specific terms and conditions of the platform.

The basics: take it seriously, study in advance, treat everyone with respect, follow the lesson instructions. The rest is obvious: no racism, threatening behaviour, strong language.-

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